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Who We Are

Summer Sweets is a home based family owned and operated bakery. We love to hand craft every detail of your design.

Our passion is creating elegant, modern cake designs, that taste as good as they look! We value new techniques and work with customers to create a cake you never even knew you wanted!

The Owner




I was born and raised in a small town in the Philippines, about 8 hours away from the main city. I lived in California for 14 years and before moving to Arizona, I met my husband and my children (our lovely dogs). 


I started baking as far back as a little girl, with a simple interest in creating tasty treats for myself and my family. I began with baking brownies and cakes from the box. Then I moved on to baking from scratch and began to appreciate the joy in producing and assembling each piece of the puzzle. Baking from scratch allows you to select not only the highest quality ingredients but it also creates a deeper connection between the baker and the food. As often happens, interest turned into a hobby, hobby turned into an obsession.

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